Amazon AWS Cloud Quest: free game-based learning 2022

amazon aws cloud quest

You’ve heard of AWS (Amazon Web Services) before, but did you know that it has become a major player in the IT industry? The first phase of the AWS is the new game experience, which is well-known as Amazon AWS cloud quest; cloud practitioner. It is best for the beginner’s career.

In fact, Amazon now offers over 100 services ranging from web hosting to machine learning. If you want to master these tools, then you’ll need to get some hands-on experience.

AWS launched two new training initiatives. These training initiatives are also accessible and able to make people’s computing skills training easy to use:

In AWS Cloud Quest, you can study the fundamentals of cloud computing while shooting drone technology and gathering gems on the way to solving puzzles in a virtual city.

AWS recently released an updated, better version of AWS Educate, providing it all the more approachable by removing the restriction for .edu email addresses and adding interactive material.

With AWS Educate, students as early as 13 may receive countless hours of complimentary, self-paced education, materials, and labs created especially for those learning about the cloud for the first time.

With the aid of these two new projects, young students to experienced professionals wishing to improve their cloud abilities get information and real-world experiences that prepare them for careers in the cloud.

Amazon AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner’s game-based learning

AWS Education and Training created the brand-new 3D role-playing game AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner. It aids the adult learner in gaining real AWS experience.

Users must finish tasks that advance their cloud talents and assist city builders to succeed. Lectures, tests, and practical sessions based on actual business situations are all part of the gameplay.

They are learning by developing real cloud solutions and examining essential AWS resources and classifications, including computing, memory, database, and intelligence services. 

It is very beneficial for the students to comprehend what the cloud is. The program offers a fun method to assist students in getting ready for the AWS Certified Cloud Professional test if they want to achieve an industry-recognized qualification. Using AWS Skill Builder, Amazon AWS Cloud Quest is accessible on PCs everywhere in the world in English.

AWS Educate: fresh materials with a broader audience

AWS also made it simpler for anyone as young as 13 to enroll in its new AWS Educate platform, which now offers new modules and interactive labs. For self-driven, pre-professional trainees who aren’t even operating in the cloud, such as undergraduates and work trainees, AWS Educate is created.

For students to practice their abilities, the course provides dozens of hours of comprehensive identity knowledge and resources, along with more than Fifty lectures and ten practical labs in the AWS Administration. New modules include:

  • Four fresh modules
  • Ten new practice labs
  • Website Redesign
  • New web component for exploration

AWS education is helping millions of people that also include Alfredo Colón. 

“When I had my first interview for cloud engineering, pretty much all the knowledge I discussed in that interview was based on what I learned from AWS Educate,”.

By Alfredo’s colon

Earning AWS Educate certificates and studying for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test are options for students wishing to demonstrate their expertise. The AWS education board also provides cloud computing jobs.

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish are among the languages that AWS Educate is accessible.

It’s no secret that cloud computing is becoming more and more important every day. The benefits of using cloud computing include cost savings, scalability, flexibility, mobility, and security.

Amazon AWS aims to fill the technical skill gap and encourage learners to take these free training who are passionate about cloud computing.

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