How to use google API on android studio Free Libraries

how to use google api in android studio

Do you know how to use Google API in your android studio project? Here I am going to share how we can create an API key and use it on our Android Studio project.

I’ve also created videos on APIs on my youtube channel which I’m sharing below. It will guide you step by step on how to work with APIs and create an android application. I hope it will help if you are looking for help related to API services in your current projects.

What is Google API?

It is a collection of tools and services that allow developers to build applications using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The API allows developers to access data from Google Cloud Platforms such as BigQuery, App Engine, Firebase, Compute Engine, Storage, and other APIs.

If we want to integrate the android application with google APIs then we use these API libraries in our android app.

What you will learn today?

Here I’ll show you 3 demo examples with the videos which include:

  • Create an API key and use it in our android studio project
  • Integrate Youtube API in our Android app
  • Use Google Map API

1. Create a Google API key and use it

To get started, you’ll need to create an account at Once you’ve done that, you can download the Google Play Services SDK from the Android SDK Manager. This contains the necessary tools to connect your application to the APIs.

Google API for android is a library that makes it easier to connect your devices directly to the internet. As the name suggests its purpose is to allow you to access google services like maps, play music, and even games from your phone or tablet.

So you can go through the above video to learn how to use the google API key in your android studio. Using these APIs is relatively straightforward but requires some knowledge about how it works.

2. How to integrate Youtube API in the android app?

Youtube API allows developers to access data from Youtube channels such as video upload time, views, likes, comments, etc. This information can be useful for various purposes such as creating apps or websites.

You can easily integrate Youtube API into your android application using Google Play Services. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add Youtube API to your android app.

I created an android application where I want to show videos from youtube. I want to fetch the data from youtube API and display them in my application. You can also try and create this application by following the steps in the video.

3. Using google map API in the Android app

Google Maps has become an essential part of our lives. From finding directions to tracking our location, Google Maps helps us navigate through cities and countries around the globe. In addition, it provides a wealth of information about places and businesses.

If you want to build a similar app, you’ll need to get started with the Google Maps API. These Android video tutorial shows you how to add the Google Maps API to your Android app.


Since there are many services offered by google, you can check all those awesome APIs that you can use in your project. Not only you can use these with android, but there are other applications built-in with python using these cool API libraries.

Therefore, go ahead and try these exercises in your project and workaround with different requirements. Let me know in the comment how these examples helped you in your project or if you face any issues. There are other programming examples I have created with python that you will love.

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